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New Release!
New Release!

Bits of Brevity is a collection of nature based poems written using various poetic forms that require concise language, word economy and compact imagery to convey meaning.

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New Release!
New Release!

Sylphs and Sirens is a collection of poems inspired by the magical feminine aspects of nature, including poems written about goddesses, nymphs, sprites, pixies, fairies, sylphs, sirens, fates, furies, witches, conjurers, enchantresses, gypsies, dryads, fae, mermaids, naiads and spirits.

The Book of Seshat is a collection of poems dedicated to the celebration of the written word, named for the goddess of writing herself. It delves into the power of words, the potency of poetry and the process of creating a written piece.


About Me

I am a domestic violence survivor and awareness advocate.

I write earth based poetry to promote self-discovery, recovery and healing. I also write children’s based poetry with the hope of inspiring young minds to want to read and learn.

To date I have completed four poetry collections and an alphabet based children’s book of poetry.

I live in Bristol, CT along with my husband, Jim, and our furry family – Cooper, Ricola, Casey, Chaos, Karma and Opal.


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Excerpt from An ABC Animal Orchestra

Illustration by Jan Alessio

Benjamin Badger banged on his bongos
beating them with his bare hands
shaking them in their stands
as he boomed along to a song
he played on his blue tablet
It was his habit to play them every day
“Practice makes perfect,” he would say
when his friends came over to visit

Excerpt from Between the Empty Spaces

The Divinity of a Banyan Tree

I see divinity in a banyan tree
wisdom in the face of her ancient bark
infinity in the maze of her winding roots
truth in the leaves that cling to her boughs

I see humility as she sways in the breeze
grace as she stretches towards the sky
tranquility as she filters the toxic air
strength as she withstands a storm

Mother, daughter, sister, lover
grandmother, aunt or wife
We must protect her
Sustainer of life

Excerpt from Love, and Other Saboteurs

Before the Sea Surrenders to Winter

I must visit the sea
for she calls to me
with her lilting voice
the waves caressing
the shore
ebbing and flowing
diminishing and growing
like a lion's roar

I long to see
the seashells saunter
in the sun
smell the salt air
as it tickles at my nose
the seafoam
roiling over my toes
while dampening my clothes

I yearn to sea the waves
become jumbled
as they toss and tumble
into each other's paths
the sandpipers
making me laugh
as they toddle
to the water's edge

Watch as the whitecaps
reach up to touch
the clouds
swathed in gray
as the seagulls
hover above
the rocky sand

I pray for just one more day
before the white
covers the gray
before a Nor'easter closes in
and the sea surrenders
to Winter

Excerpt from Earth Tones

Fallen Angel
Sometimes even the strongest angel’s
golden halo may slip and fall,
slide down her glorious pate;
Rock bottom she may hit,
but arise she must,
shake off the dust
and spread her

Excerpt from 365

If I had a dime for
every platitude that’s
been hurled my way in
the past two years I’d
be loaded. All those
well meaning words that
people have lobbed at me
to make themselves feel
better about my situation,
while doing nothing but
actually making me feel
The well-wishers, of
course, have no way of
knowing how their words
stick in my mind, how I
process them on a repeating
loop like a mantra, how I
dissect them, how I mull
them over in the darkest
hours of the night, how
they pop up unexpectedly
during unrelated
conversations months,
even years later,
how they are often used
to reveal the lies behind them.
No, how could they know,
because I’ve stayed silent
for so long. I haven’t
spoken up and let them know
how much their words hurt,
how much pain they have caused,
how they expose their inner
selves with each and every
word. For if I did, I would
just encounter excuses, more
well meaning words meant to
disarm me, and somehow
placate me.
It is a vicious cycle.
I often wonder if I could
turn back time, and change
the past, where would I go???
My early childhood, when
I was molested and learned
shame… my later childhood
when I first experienced
emotional abuse and
my teens when I first
endured physical abuse…
my twenties when I lost
my first child and attempted suicide… my thirties when
I went through my first divorce…
my forties when I became
an addict and lost everything…
Where to go? What to change?
See why the platitudes don’t
mean shit?
What good can you possibly
say about any of that? Yet,
somehow I’m supposed to find
the silver lining,
and just be positive, and
change the way I think, and magically my lifewill change.
And it did for the most part.
I’m no longer being abused.
I’m in a positive relationship,
I love myself. I’m in recovery…
but that does not change the
And lately the past has been haunting
me something fierce.

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